Development Team:
        Seth Gordon        Jake Houghton        Hannah Rehberger
        Taylor Sellers       Amandeep Singh     Alec Thompson


Alchemy Royale

Alchemy Royale is a potion brewing card game with each turn split into four phases.  

Draw Phase: where players gather ingredients.  

Market Phase: where players can Buy Recipes, Sell Brewed Potions, and Sell or Trade Ingredients.  

Brew Phase: where players can Brew Potions using bought Recipes with Ingredients.  

End Phase: where players can use their Brewed Potions on each other.  When players use potions, they gain Fame Crystals.

There are two ways to win, the first person to gain 20 Gold bribe's the King to become his Royal Alchemist, or when the pool of Fame Crystals runs out, the player with the most Fame Crystals becomes the King's Royal Alchemist. 

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