About Seth Gordon


I am a 23 year old Musician, Game Designer, Software Developer, and Digital Artist from Wisconsin.

Right now I am finishing up my next album: 'Wet Phone Anxiety' and seeking employment as a software developer or sound designer.


I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1994 and grew up in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  With seven years of experience in music and two years of in computer science and video editing, I graduated from Mount Horeb High School in 2012.  

In the fall of 2012, I began my journey through a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Game Design and Development with a Computer Science Concentration at University of Wisconsin Stout.  I graduated in May of 2017.

During my time at UW Stout, I gained a lot interests and worked on many projects.  Early in my university career, I began his first Music project:


Under the Professor Daytime moniker, I released four 13+ song albums, two singles, a five song EP released through Vesten Records and the audio for five games.

I also made three video games and one card game while at Stout.